Rules of the Summer Trip:

Participants must:

  1. Follow the four regulative principles.

  2. Chant a prescribed number of rounds daily (set by the boy at the onset of the trip).

  3. Wear devotional attire at all spiritual functions, and at other times conservative dress. Maintain conservative haircut, buzzed up with no more than #2 on the side and #4 on top.

  4. Avoid unauthorized association with the opposite sex.

  5. Turn spending money into group leader to avoid frivolous spending.

  6. Avoid improper language, fighting, or engage in any illegal activities (stealing..etc).

  7. Refrain from playing mundane music or video/computer games or using a cell phone.

  8. Follow the rule of 3.

  9. Have a positive attitude and strive for excellence in everything.

  10. Always consider others first.