2014 Schedule

Summer Trip 2015 Tentative Schedule (Updated 3/15/15)

6/05/2015 START
6/28/2015 END

Meeting in back of ISKCON Alachua Farm at 4:00pm, June 28th.

The tour starts July 5th in Alachua, and returns to Alachua June 28th, 2015. There will be about 20 devotee boys ages 12-17 on the tour from all over North America. We will travel for three and half weeks of June alongside the Festival of India.

2015 Schedule

June 5th- Depart Alachua, Arrive in Atlanta

June 6th-Panihati Ratha Yatra Day

June 7th- Panihati Chipped Rice Festival Day

June 8th- Arrive in New Goloka Dhama, North Carolina

June 9th- New Goloka, Go Kart Racing

June 10th- Depart New Goloka to arrive in Ayodhya Dhama, DC

June 11th-DC Museum Adventure

June 12th- Arrive at ISKCON TOWACO, NJ

June 13th-NY Ratha

June 14th- NY Sunday Feast

June 15th-Gita Nagari

June 16th-Gita Nagari

June 17th-Gita Nagari

June 18th - Camping @ Ohio Pyle, WV

June 19th-Water Rafting Day

June 20th- 24 Hour Kirtan, New V

June 21st- 24 hour Kirtan

June 22nd-ISKCON Ohio

June 23rd- Camping at Park

June 24th- Surprise Day

June 25th- Arrive at Murari Sevaka Farm in Tennessee

June 26th Murari Sevaka Farm Lake Adventure

June 27th- Murari Sevaka 6 Hour Kirtan

June 28th- Back in alachua for Sunday Feast