The Boys Summer Trip

(Updated 2015!)

Spiritual Summer Program:

For Boys 12 years old and up

"Please also take care of the children. They are our future hopes, and the adolescent age is the most dangerous age. It is the turning point of one's life. In this age, if you take care of the children, surely they will come out first class Krishna Conscious devotees."

--Srila Prabhupada
   Letter — London 7 November, 1969

Summer Trip 2015

Tentative Dates:

     Leave:  June   5th, 2015 
     Return: June 28th, 2015

Meeting in back of ISKCON Alachua Farm at 4:15pm, June 28th.


COST 2015:

Cost (Before May 1st): $850
Cost (After   May  1st): $950

No staff member makes any profit through the ST. Everyone volunteers their time. We see this service as our contribution to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON movement. Your son's donation covers all of their expenses to travel. 


Transportation: a customized bus.

Application: Please fill out online application form

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About The Boys Summer Trip

Rtadhvaja Swami's Summer Trip program
 has been carried on by the efforts of his former 

students. They have continued to apply everything he taught them and strive to improve and expand their program to give boys an enjoyable Krishna Conscious experience. By traveling, visiting temples and Ratha Yatras, creating long lasting friendships, and developing not only moral, but also spiritual character, the legacy will continue for each new generation.  Read More...